Kulturland Brandenburg theme years

The state of Brandenburg is rich in variety. With its motto ‘Rediscover Brandenburg every year!’, Kulturland Brandenburg aims to engage residents and their visitors with the state’s cultural heritage and diversity as well as the ruptures in our history.

Since 1998, Kulturland Brandenburg has developed arts and culture projects on a different theme each year, bridging the fields of science, tourism and education. Together with a range of associations, institutions and facilities, these themes are investigated from the point of view of history, society, politics, tourism and economics and are presented at authentic and surprising places.

This year’s theme

Is it an art to live well and with meaning in Brandenburg? What does this state and its people bring with them to make this a success? Is it worth taking a look at history? What do the lakes and fields, meadows and forests offer to make people happy here?

In 2022, Kulturland Brandenburg invites you to explore the ‘art of living’ between lakes and forests, in the historic town centres and villages, in cloisters, on orchard meadows, in gardens and fields, in guesthouses, at shared tables, in art and in culture.

With more than 50 partner projects and over 300 events, a varied and exciting themed year is on offer to the people of Brandenburg and their visitors. Music, theatre, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, performances, tours, audio walks, discussion events and excursions on all aspects of the ‘art of living’ provide an insight into the history and present day of our federal state.

More information on our 2022 theme year